We are a four piece band with lots of experience in the music world. We play every genre of music from the late 60s to date, with a great range of songs from waltzes to country to the Siege of Ennis for your wedding. We play pubs, clubs, party events and specialise in weddings having performed four gigs in New York with a brilliant atmosphere we have also played for three Saint Patrick’s Day socials in Fishguard, Wales which was also great craic and a fantastic atmosphere and two-weekend tours in London.

Meet the band

Aoife is our singer who also plays a mean fiddle and acoustic guitar.

Ailbe is our bass guitar, accordion and whistle player who also sings.

Paddy plays drums, sings and he’s our manager.

Mike plays electric-acoustic-synth guitar, harmonica, MC and sings so as you can see we have a great diverse range with comes into play at weddings if you want a Siege of Ennis a set etc. or a bit of jazz, no problem.

We are also quite capable of backing anyone who would be requested to sing at weddings as we have done on several occasions. We have also accompanied and recorded with a few famous people too. So if you are looking for a live band with all the experience to make your night a special one to remember give us a call, thank you.

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